When new competition tyres are first delivered they need to be “scrubbed” before they are actually raced. This is because the tread is very sophisticated in its build but to get the best out of it, the smaller weak molecular bonds must be broken and allowed to reform into longer stronger ones. It is therefore of great importance to ensure that the first time the tyre is used, that this “reforming” of the tread is done correctly. If not, the tyre will not handle to its optimum performance and its life will be shorten.

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Normally a driver has to mount his new tyres onto their rims and then onto the car. A track must be hired and the car driven around the track a few times to generate the heat to break down the small molecular bonds. After these laps, the wheels must be taken off, the tyres dismounted and allowed to cool and cure for a few days before being raced.

The problem with this “manual scrubbing” is that first of all it is expensive and time consuming. Second, the driver cannot be sure what temperatures his tyres actually heat up to during his laps around the circuit and very importantly these temperatures can be different from side to side depending on the camber of the course. On top of fluctuating temperatures, which can seriously effect the tyres, many drivers do not have time to wait the full - recommended - curing time of 14 days and therefore race within days or sometimes hours from being scrubbed… again effecting grip and longevity!!

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Tyre Technology, with all their experience in heating tyres prior to racing for Formula 1, Le Mans and Sports Cars have designed and developed a 21st Century concept to offer drivers the ultimate heat cycling system throughout the world by ZAPPING the tyres with Black Frequency™ emitters.

This new system is competitively priced and available exclusively from Gordon Leven Motorsport Tyres at Emu Plains.

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